3 terms were found starting with the letter z.

Zero Profit
A situation in which economic profits in an industry are zero.
Zero Sum Game
A situation in which the gains to some individuals are exactly offset by losses to other individuals.
Rules restricting the rights to use land for specified purposes. For example, land may be zoned as industrial, commercial, residential, or agricultural.


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When a child has a very low weight compared to other children of the same height. (The technical definition is two standard deviations or more below the median weight for height of the reference population.) Wasting is an indicator of short-term or acute malnutrition.
Workable Competition
A set of market performance criteria that represent a compromise between perfect competition and the real world of competitive imperfections.
Working Stocks
The stock levels necessary for the marketing system to function efficiently at full capacity and without supply disruptions. Also referred to as pipeline stocks.
World Bank
An international financial institution owned by its 184 member countries that began operations in 1946. It provides loans and technical assistance to developing countries with the goals of reducing poverty, raising living standards, fostering sustainable development, and investing in people.
World Health Organization (WHO)
An international organization established in 1948 with the goal of improving human health. WHO assists countries in strengthening their health services, provides technical assistance in health emergencies, promotes disease prevention and control, and promulgates international food safety and medical standards. Currently has 192 member countries.
World Market
The world supply and demand of a good that is bought and sold internationally.
World Price
The price at which internationally traded goods are purchased and sold on world markets.
World Trade Organization (WTO)
An organization based in Geneva set up in 1995 to implement and enforce the Uruguay Round Agreement. Replaces the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). WTO establishes the legal and institutional foundations of the international trading system. It determines government obligations in trade legislation and regulation, and specifies trade dispute resolution mechanisms. Currently has 148 member countries.